10th August 2018


Long Car Shot 1:19:50 High ANgle

Mid Shot- Vincent LOw Angle

Mid Shot- Eugene Level Angle

Mid Shot- Vicent Low Angle

Mid Shot- Eugene Level Angle

Close Shot – Eugene LOW Angle

Mid Shot – Vincent Level Angle

Long Shot – Eugene Low Angle

Mid Shot – Eugene Low Angle

LOng Shot – Eugene High Angle

Long Shot – Car Low Angle

Long Shot – Eugene Stairs High Angle

Long Shot – Eugene Birds Eye View

2 SHot – Irene Level Angle

CLose Up – Eugene Hand Level Angle

Close UP – Feet Eugene Level Angle

LOng Shot – Car driving Level Angle

LOng Shot – Eugene on Stairs Level Angle

Long Shot – Car Level Angle

Close Up – Eugene hands Low Angle

Close Up -of Stairs/ Point of view Level Angle

Long SHot – Car Level Angle

Long Shot – Stairs With Eugene 

Long SHot – Carpark

Long Shot – Stairs 

Close Up – Eyes Eugene

Two Shot – Cop and Irene

Mid Shot – Eugene top of stairs

Two Shot – Irene and Cop

Close Up – Eugene’s hand

Two Shot – Cop and Irene 

Close Up – Eugene’s Hand

Long Shot – Eugene on Floor

Two Shot – Cop and Irene

Long Shot – Eugene on the floor

Mid Shot – Eugene Sitting on chair

Long Shot – Cop

Mid Shot – Irene 

Mid Shot – Eugene wanting kiss

Close Up – Cop

MId Shot – IRene

Long Shot – Telescope in background

Two Shot – About to Kiss

Mid SHot – Anton/cop

Two Shot – After Kiss

Long Shot – Anton

Close UP – Irene

Mid Shot – Anton

Close Up – Eugene

Mid Shot – Irene

Mid shot – Anton

Close Up – Eugenes Arm


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