8th May 2018

Act 4 Scene 3

Characters: Malcolm, Macduff, Docter and Rosse

Macduff meets with Malcolm outside a castle in England, at first Malcolm doesn’t trust Macduff as he left his family in Scotland and might be secretly working for Macbeth. After a series of test, Macduff gains Malcolm’s trust and become allies. But not before Malcolm doubts his ability to rule as he is greedy and violent at first Macduff disagrees but after they continue to talk he starts to doubt his future king by quoting “O, Scotland O Scotland”. A doctor enters the scene and after he has left Malcolm explains that king of England can cure diseases. Later Rosse enters the scene and confesses that Macduff’s children and wife are fine but urges Malcolm to return to Scotland as ever since Macbeth took the crown everything has gone terribly. Malcolm says he will return once he has 10,000 English soldiers to help him. Rosse eventually giving in pronounces that in fact Macduff children and wife have been killed by Macbeth, Malcolm then says afterward to channel that anger into revenge on Macbeth. Macduff assures Malcolm that he will have his revenge on Macbeth.

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