7th May 2018

Act 4 Scene 2

Characters: Lady Macduff, Rosse, Lady Macduff’s Son, Murderer

Setting: A room in Macduff’s castle

Lady Macduff asks Rosse why Macduff fled the land to England, Rosse argues that Macduff may have fled from wisdom or fear and that she does not know which. Lady Macduff cries why would he leave his wife and his children. Rosse leaves after sending his best wishes, Lady Macduff tells her son that his father is dead and what will he do now, her son says he will do what birds do, the son refuses to believe that his father is dead or a traitor that Lady Macduff believes. Her son asks if his father was a traitor and what a traitor is Lady Macduff replies with “Why, the one that swears and lies,” and she says that every traitor should be hanged by honest men. The messenger arrives warning Lady Macduff that danger is coming her way and that if she and her son want to live run away from this place immediately. She says why should I leave I haven’t done anything wrong so she sees no reason to run.

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