6th April 2018

Act 2 Scene 3

Characters: Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Porter, Macduff, Lenox, Malcolm, Banquo

This starts off with the porter knocking on Macbeth’s castle door because he wants to see the king Macduff answers the door and then they ask what he is here for. Macbeth then enters the scene pretending to just been awoken by the knocking, the porter then asks where is King Duncan Macbeth says he is still asleep. Porter says he needs to see the king and Macduff goes off and comes back and claims that Duncan is dead. Everyone freaks out and they go to his chamber to see for themselves and they see the guards covered in blood with the knife at there feet Macbeth is furious an goes off to kill the guards before they say anything but Malcolm and Donalbain have their suspicions.

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